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Florida Department of Corrections
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Street Gangs — Chicago Based or Influenced

People Nation and Folk Nation "Sets"


In the last section, the major Chicago-based alliances, their histories, characteristics, and identifiers were examined. The People Nation and Folk Nation are not gangs - they are alliances under which gangs are aligned.

A simple comparison might be the National and American baseball leagues. The National League is not a team - it is the alliance under which teams like the LA Dodgers and Atlanta Braves are aligned. The American League is the alliance under which the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees are aligned.

Here we will focus on the individual gangs or "sets" as they are called. Notice the similarity in the set identifiers and the respective alliance identifiers.

For example, the People Nation's five-point star can be found in several People Nation set symbols.

Similarly, the pitchfork is found in most Folk Nation set emblems and graffiti.

People Nation Sets

People symbols

Some of the major People Nation sets are listed below.

  • Latin Kings
  • Vicelords
  • Spanish Lords
  • El Rukns
  • Black P Stones
  • Bishops
  • Gaylords
  • Latin Counts
  • Kents
  • Mickey Cobras
The Latin Kings will be highlighted in this section. They are the oldest and largest Hispanic-led street gang in Chicago. Other major People Nation sets and their identifiers are illustrated later.

Latin Kings

ALKQN tattooAlso known as LK, Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN), Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN), Almighty Latin Charter Nation (ALCN).

Gender Makeup: Male and Female

Racial Makeup: Multiracial

Latin King graffitiCurrent estimates regarding active Latin Kings members within the city of Chicago run as high as 25,000. A 1995 Florida assessment estimates 286 Latin King members in the state. As of the 3rd Quarter 1997, the Department of Corrections has 166 inmates/offender members.

Members have actually traveled to locations to assist in the formation of new Latin King factions or chapters. Intelligence indicates the main factions in Chicago, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York communicate with each other when expanding their operations to other cities.

Jurisdictions with identified Latin King chapters include: Latin Kings drawing

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Chicago
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Puerto Rico
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

The Connecticut faction of the LK identify themselves as the Almighty Latin Charter Nation (ALCN).

In the 1980's, the Latin Kings began Florida operations in Miami. Chapters have also been identified in: Colorful example of Latin King graffiti

  • Tampa
  • Pinellas Park
  • West Palm Beach
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Orlando
  • Other smaller cities throughout the state


  • Latin Kings are generally well structured and organized.
  • They have a strict and detailed charter or constitution.
  • Their motto is "Once a King, always a King."
  • They have an "all for one" mentality.
  • Internal discipline is a high priority.
  • Violations may result in documented suspension, termination, physical assault, or death.
  • Most Latin King factions accept females.
  • Their main focus is to control drug trafficking and internal gang discipline, both within the prison and community.
  • Members commemorate the January 6 as "Kings Holy Day," and the first week in March as "Kings Week". This celebration normally includes the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Identifiers/Symbols: Symbols for the Latin King include these:

  • Lion(s)
  • Sun
  • Diamond
  • Cross
  • Figure of a king's head known as the "master"
  • Five-pointed castle
  • Five-point crown
  • The number 5
  • All symbols consistent with the People Nation
Latin King Crown drawing

Crown, Star, and up-side-down pitchfork (from tatto)

Examples of People symbols
ALKN and Crown drawing Amor De Rey

Colors: Black and Gold or Black and Yellow  
Black and Yellow bead necklace
ALKN and Crown tattoo

A series of unique hand signs are also used by the group.

Latin King hand sign drawing

Enemies/Rivals: Generally, all groups who align themselves with the Folk Nation are considered rivals of the Latin Kings. Some factions of Latin King from Chicago are rivals of LK factions in Connecticut.

Allies: Generally all groups who align themselves with the People Nation are considered allies of the Latin Kings.


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