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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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Corrections Foundation, Inc.

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The Corrections Foundation supports the Department of Corrections through programs that support officers and staff in times of need and that help reduce crime by helping support programs that provide offenders with life and job skills to better enable them to re-enter society.

Employee Assistance Program

Corrections Foundation 10th Anniversayr 1996-2006  A decade of service.
  • Supported by 14,000 corrections employees and corporate sponsors, the Corrections Foundation provides direct cash assistance to corrections officers, probation officers, and support staff during life’s most serious emergencies, including death, critical illness, accidents, house fires and other tragedies.

  • In 2006, the Foundation gave $319,000 to 237 DC employees during such critical times. Since 1999, the Corrections Foundation has provided over $1.8 million to 1,300 employees.

  • Employees qualify for maximum financial assistance by contributing as little as $1 per pay period.

Recognizing Corrections as Noble Calling—a Specialty Tag to Support DC Employees

Corrections Foundation Specialty Tag
  • For a quarter of a century, Louie Wainwright led the Florida Department of Corrections as Secretary, modernizing Corrections, turning it from the perception that it is simply a job into a noble profession playing an integral and important role protecting public safety, equal to a police officer, firefighter, or military service member.

  • To continue promoting and supporting corrections, Mr. Wainwright, now serving as President of the Corrections Foundation, has proposed a specialty license plate to recognize corrections professionals.

  • At $25 each, proceeds from the sale of the specialty plate will benefit corrections employees through the Foundation’s Employee Assistance Program and through future endeavors.

Adult Automotive Training Center Program

  • Ford Motor Company provides funds to build and maintain an automotive repair training center at Homestead Correctional Institution, a female facility in Miami-Dade County.

  • In addition to automotive education, the program emphasizes life skills these inmates will need to live successfully and productively after release.

  • Upon completion of the program, inmates receive a certificate of completion from Ford, are bonded to protect prospective employers, and are ready for entry-level position in dealer or after-market auto-repair facilities. The Department assists the inmates in finding positions.

Support the corrections professionals who protect public safety.
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