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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


The major goals of the Office of the Inspector General are delineated as follows:

Law Enforcement Authority

Amend Chapter 944.31 to give the Secretary authority to designate inspectors within the Office of the Inspector General as sworn law enforcement officers. Would streamline the department's criminal investigations by not having to rely on outside law enforcement agencies, particularly in the area of making arrests. Would increase the professionalism and perception of objectivity of DC investigations by having all law enforcement certified staff.

  • Approximately 75 of 90 inspectors would require cross-over training from correctional officer to law enforcement officer certification.

Improve Investigative Process

Continue to improve the process for conducting investigations to add the following enhancements:

  • Improve the report review process to reduce the number of cases needing to be reworked.
  • Reduce inaccurate data by utilizing the department's new Management Information Notification System (MINS) which is tied to both COPES and the inmate system (OBIS).
  • Increase the use of voice stress analyzer technology (CVSA).
  • Expand the use of TASK (activity tracking) whereby the status of cases can be reviewed online by IG management.

Contraband Interdiction Unit

  • Increase seizures of illegal narcotics utilizing certified narcotic canine teams.
  • Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the inmate drug-testing program by implementing an on-site drug test and automating the collection of results data.

Safety and Risk Management

  • Reduce workers compensation claims via enhanced oversight by facility safety officers. Measure progress based on dollar reductions per facility.

Operational Review

  • Revise review standards whereby only standards included in procedure manual checklists are audited.
  • Centralize operational review teams within the Inspector General's Office. This will eliminate reliance on otherwise-occupied field staff and increase the objectivity of the review process.
  • Coordinate the ACA audit process with operational review to eliminate duplication.

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