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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Florida County Detention Facilities' Average Inmate Population

Inmate Profile Summary
County Detention Facilities

This County Detention Facilities Summary provides an annual profile of Florida's detention facility inmate populations. Monthly Average Daily Population (ADP) figures include male, female, adult and juvenile inmates.

Table 1 illustrates county jail populations over a five year period (1990 - 1994). The 1994 population figures are arranged into felony, misdemeanor and "other" subcategories in Table 1A. "Other" includes the number of parole violators, state inmates, undocumented aliens, holdings for other jurisdictions and individuals detained under the Baker (mental health) and Myers (alcoholism) Acts. Within both felony and misdemeanor subcategories, the number of inmates sentenced, held for trial or sentencing, and those detained or sentenced for violation of probation are listed. Table 2 features the average 1994 populations at county jails and average incarceration rates by county. Table 3 lists the capacity of each county detention facility in Florida, including its capacity changes during the year, along with each facility's average rated capacity for 1994. Table 3A lists average 1994 populations by facility, including number and percent over or under the Department of Corrections' rated capacity. Table 4 provides at a glance the difference between the average DC rated capacity for 1994 and the average daily population by facility. Table 5 shows a five year recap of DC rated capacity and average daily populations from 1990 to 1994.

The charts that follow illustrate five year trends in county jail facilities.

Questions pertaining to the statistics in this report should be directed to Stacey Anderson with the Florida Department of Corrections' (DC's) Bureau of Research and Data Analysis at (850) 410-4488.

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