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Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Florida County Detention Facilities' Average Inmate Population

Inmate Profile Summary
County Detention Facilities

This County Detention Facilities Summary provides an annual profile of Florida's detention facility inmate populations. Monthly Average Daily Population (ADP) figures include male, female, adult and juvenile inmates.

Table 1 illustrates county jail populations over an eight year period (1991 - 1998). The 1998 population figures are arranged into felony, misdemeanor and "other" subcategories in Table 1A. "Other" includes the number of parole violators, state inmates, undocumented aliens, holdings for other jurisdictions and individuals detained under the Baker (mental health) and Myers (alcoholism) Acts. Within both felony and misdemeanor subcategories, the number of inmates sentenced, held for trial or sentencing, and those detained or sentenced for violation of probation are listed. Table 2 features the average 1998 populations at county jails and average incarceration rates by county. Table 3 lists average 1998 populations by facility. Table 4 shows the average 1998 felony pretrial population by facility and month. Table 5 shows the average 1998 misdemeanor pretrial population by facility and month.

The charts that follow illustrate eight year trends in county jail facilities.

Miscellaneous Information

Rounding Error

The average inmate population presented in Table 1 (49,212) is different than that presented in Tables 2, 3, 4 and 5 (50,813). This difference (1,601) is caused by rounding error. In this instance, this problem is compounded by the computational difficulty encountered in calculating the average of an average. The differences in totals are not errors and the calculations presented in this report should be considered accurate.

Non-Reporting Facilities

Due to varying circumstances, several facilities did not report at various times during the year and therefore, are not included in statewide total. These need to be taken into consideration when referring to the numbers presented in this report. The following is a list of facilities, by month, which did not report during 1998. The number in parenthesis next to the month indicates the number of facilities that did not report in that month.

Bradford County Jail, DeSoto County Jail, Lake County Jail and Leon County Jail.

Gilchrist County Jail, Lake County Jail and Polk County Jail,/Annex.

APRIL* (7)
Bradford County Jail, Martin County Jail, Palm Beach County Jail/Main, Polk County Jail/Main, Polk County Jail/Annex, St. Johns County Jail and Wakulla County Jail. In addition, Taylor County Jail reported only 4 days of information due to technical difficulties.

MAY (1)
Wakulla County Jail.

JUNE (4)
Jackson County Jail, Manatee County Jail/Central, Sumter County Jail and Wakulla County Jail.

JULY (4)
Calhoun County Jail, Holmes County Jail, Okaloosa County Jail and St. Lucie Correctional Facility.

Baker County Detention Center and Taylor County Jail.

Holmes County Jail and Wakulla County Jail. In addition, due to technical difficulties, Hillsborough County reported a total ADP of 3,249 which is excluded because they were unable to provide a breakdown by category.

Nassau County Jail and Taylor County Jail. In addition, due to technical difficulties, Hillsborough County reported a total ADP of 3,182 which is excluded because they were unable to provide a breakdown by category.

*Please note the following months have relatively large facilities that did not report. The exclusion of these facilities in the statewide totals have a significant impact. Therefore, for these months, the statewide totals are not true representations of the jail activity in Florida.

DC Rated Capacity Information

In reports prior to July, 1997, information was listed regarding the Department of Correction's (DC's) rated capacity of each county detention facility. However, as of July 1, 1997 the Department of Corrections was no longer legislatively required to establish and monitor this information.

Questions pertaining to the statistics in this report should be directed to Stacey Heuston Anderson with the Florida Department of Corrections' (DC's) Bureau of Research and Data Analysis at (850) 410-4488.

Questions about the mailing list or report submission should be addressed to the DC's Office of the Inspector General at (850) 487-4012.

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