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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Section I

County Detention Facilities Profile Summary 2011

In Section I, only statistics from facilities that provided demographic information are considered. For a more complete, but less detailed picture about total jail population refer to Section II.

Average Daily Population

On the average, there were 51,931 inmates in Florida's county detention facilities during 2011 for facilities that provided demographic information. To compare with last year's figures, this year's count of 51,931 inmates represents a 6.4% decrease in this inmate population from that reported for the previous year.

Data Collected with Demographics: 2008 - 61,500; 2009 - 57,768; 2010 - 55,275; 2011 - 51,931. Data Not Received: 2008 - 4,049; 2009 - 2,638; 2010 - 2,986; 2011 - 4,378.

*Data Not Received based on estimates and figures explained in Section II.

2011 Jail Population Recap

  • For those inmates in which demographics were reported, the statewide average daily population (ADP) totals for 2011 include 43,979 adult males (84.9%), 7,449 adult females (14.0%), 484 juvenile males (1.1%) and 19 juvenile females (less than 0.1%).
  • 78.6% of the total inmate population was incarcerated for felony offenses, while 16.0% were detained for misdemeanor crimes. All others confined amounted to 5.4% of the total population.
  • Juveniles accounted for 503 or 1.0% of the overall inmate population, with the majority (484) being male. Most juveniles (96.8%) were charged with felonies.
  • The majority (85.6% or 44,463) of those incarcerated in county detention facilities in 2011 were male.

Pretrial Population Levels

The percentage of jailed inmates awaiting trial in Florida increased during 2011, but on average, 58.9% of offenders in county detention facilities in 2011 were pretrial. See chart below for 2011 average pretrial percentages.

Average Percent Pretrial in 2011

Chart shows the decline in Average Percent Pretrial from January to Dec of 2011 from 57.8% to 58.9, then peaked at 58.9 in December.

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