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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Restore Substance Abuse Funding

Issue Code: 4700350
Program: Community Corrections
Title: Restore Substance Abuse Funding
Amount: $3,358,049
FTE: None

This issue requests restoration of $3.4 million in recurring general revenue funds for contracted residential substance abuse treatment. The 2007 Special Session C reduced contracted residential substance abuse funding by approximately $3.4 million in general revenue. This reduction represents a loss of 468 contracted residential beds serving approximately 1,380 offenders.

Residential treatment is generally for chronic offenders that have repeatedly failed other forms of substance abuse treatment. Residential treatment has a positive affect on recommitment rates. The department's Bureau of Research and Data Analysis reports that after 24 months, 92 % of offenders that successfully completed residential treatment had no recommitment to prison or community supervision for a new offense. This is a public safety issue in that offenders who receive treatment are less likely to recidivate.

Issue Code: 4700350
Program: Education and Programs
Title: Restore Substance Abuse Funding
Amount: $2,140,818
FTE: None

This issue is requested to restore funding reduced during the FY 2007-08 Special Session C. This request restores recurring general revenue appropriation for in-prison substance abuse treatment contracted slots eliminated due to revenue shortfalls.

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