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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Pay Additives for S-3 Institutions

Issue Code: 8500A70
Program: Health Services
Title: Pay Additive for S-3 Institutions
Amount: $2,299,999

The department is requesting a pay additive of $200 bi-weekly for physicians, physician assistants and emergency medical technicians and $160 bi-weekly for all nursing staff working at S-3 facilities and above. This additive is for the increased workload associated with higher medical and mental health acuity levels. Inmates that have mental health disorders, as well as medical and behavioral management issues, require a higher level of support and supervision from the medical staff. The pay additive will enable the department to recruit and retain employees to work with this challenging inmate population.

The department also requests a pay additive of $124.80 bi-weekly for all senior psychologists and psychological specialists permanently assigned to any facility designated to provide S-3 or above level care and to any departmental mental health clinical staff holding an active license issued under Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 490, 491. This pay additive is for the purpose of recruiting and retaining clinical staff at institutions that have been more difficult to staff and to retain experienced clinical staff. A pay additive for this amount was implemented at Florida State Prison and Union Correctional Institution in 2005 and has had a favorable effect on recruitment and retention of clinical staff.

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