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Performance Measures Reference Guide – Community Corrections

The Florida Department of Corrections has identified five general areas of Community Corrections performance evaluation. The areas of evaluation include: Public Safety; Case Management; Offender Success; Use of Graduated Sanctions for Violations; and Community Impact. Across these areas of assessment, individual performance measures are utilized.

The "Community Corrections Quarterly Performance Scorecard" provides a snap-shot of Circuit change across two periods of assessment, using quarterly data when it is available. Where appropriate, Circuits will be ranked according to their individual improvements on the performance measures, relative to the improvements of all other Circuits.

Below are some important "Technical Notes for Users," followed by the "Performance Measures Reference Guide - Community Corrections."

Technical Notes for Users

Reflexive Nature of Performance and Rankings
The data are refreshed quarterly, when they are available and where they are appropriate. Therefore, any major changes from one quarter to the next, which are seen by Circuits, have the ability to temporarily impact performance on one or more indicators. As a result, this may also impact rankings.

Use of Rankings
DOC has adopted a performance ranking process that recognizes the unique nature of each Florida Circuit. Rather than directly comparing Circuits' performance, they are indirectly compared based on their changing performance across the periods of assessment. Circuits are ranked based on the size and direction of their change, relative to that of all others. The ranking scale used is 1 to 20, with 1 representing the most improvement on the measure.

When a tie occurs, there will be a gap between the position awarded to the tying Circuits and the next position awarded. For example, if two Circuits tie for third positioning, the rankings would be 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6, etc.

Ranking Adjustments and Performance Thresholds
When Circuits perform to the best of their ability in both periods of assessment, meaning there is no room for improvement, they receive the highest ranking (1). Circuits making a 100% improvement between assessments receive the next highest ranking behind those with no room for improvement.

Where appropriate, "Performance Thresholds" are applied and used to adjust rankings. Performance thresholds ensure that Circuits already performing within an acceptable range are ranked based on the size and direction of their change, relative only to other Circuits performing within the acceptable range.

Those meeting the threshold will always rank higher than those not meeting the threshold, regardless of the size and direction of their change.

Missing Data
Missing data have the ability to impact measured change in performance and the rankings on individual indicators. Some Circuits will not have data on all measures, especially those measures which do not apply to the Circuit.

Performance Measures Reference Guide – Community Corrections

Performance Measure Measure Details Frequency Change Goal Rank Type
Public Safety
Percentage of Violations Reported as Required Quarterly percentage of new law violation and technical violation investigations completed on time. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase 1
Case Management
Percentage of Termination Audits Conducted as Required Quarterly percentage of offenders with a normal termination who had a termination audit completed on time. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase 2
Offender Success
Percentage of Overall Offender Success Rate Quarterly percentage of successful offender completion of supervision. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase 2
Percentage of Successful Completers in Independent Reporting Status (IRS) Quarterly percentage of offenders who successfully completed supervision while in IRS status. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase N/A
Use of Graduated Sanctions for Violations
Percentage of Offenders Receiving Graduated Sanctions in Lieu of Incarceration Quarterly percentage of offenders removed from violation status who remained on supervision, or had supervision revoked and were placed back on supervision within the next day. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase 1
Rate of Technical Violators Revoked and Sentenced to Prison (per 100 Offenders) Quarterly rate of technical violators that were revoked and sentenced to prison per 100 offenders (based on the average daily population for the quarter). QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Decrease 1
Community Impact
Amount of Restitution Collected Quarterly dollar amount of restitution collected. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase 1
Number of Community Service Hours Completed by Offenders Quarterly count of community service hours completed by offenders on supervision. QUARTERLY ABSOLUTE Increase N/A


Increase Increase or Decrease Decrease or N/A

Rank Type

1 = Determined by the size and direction of the Circuit's change, relative to that of all others.
2 = Determined by the size and direction of the Circuit's change, relative to all others, and using a performance threshold which is indicated in ( ).

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