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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Institutions' Success Stories

Region I Liberty CI Work Squads Contribute to Community Cost Savings

The Liberty South Unit has three Public Work Squads that continually worked in the community during the month of March, 2014. The work that was done for the community had a cost savings effect for the Liberty County Board of County Commissioners and Liberty County tax payers. To summarize the work that was done just for this month, there was new construction of a concession stand at Hosford/Telogia Sports Complex, as well as work on rebuilding the train tracks at Veterans Memorial Park. The project of building the concession stand was from the ground up, including floors, walls, cement work, and roofing. This project alone had inmate labor input of 552 hours, with a cost savings of $8,406.96. The project of rebuilding the train tracks included removing the old cross ties and replacing them with new ones, as well as building up the gravel along the side and underneath the tracks. With the train tracks going around the entire 40 acre park, this project took 246 inmate hours, and had a cost savings of $3,746.58. The total saved for the month of March was $12,153.54. These two construction projects played a major role in improving the community functions that are held at the Sports Complex and the Veterans Memorial Park.

The staff and inmates assigned to these projects are knowledgeable in the construction field and have maintained a respectful and hard working attitude toward the public. Both elected officials and citizens have complimented and thanked Departmental staff at the Institutional level and Administrative level for what our squads do in the communities each and every day.

Region IIFlorida State Prison Staff Honored with Patriotic Employer Award

On February 11, 2014, Mr. Randy Stout from the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense Volunteer Organization, presented Captain Michael Epperley and Lieutenant Keith Musselman with the “Patriotic Employer” award for contributing to National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by Supporting Employee Participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force. Captain Epperley and Lieutenant Musselman were nominated for this award by Officer Steven Pasternak, who is assigned to their shift. Officer Pasternak is very active in the military and is thankful for Captain Epperley and Lieutenant Musselman’s continuous support of his need to serve his country. Congratulations Captain Epperley and Lieutenant Musselman.

Region IIIZephyrhills CI Featured in Suicide Prevention Resource Center National Publication

During this quarter, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, in partnership with Zephyrhills Correctional Institution, released new information sheets for Correctional Officers working in adult facilities titled: The Role of Adult Correctional Officers in Preventing Suicide and Suicide Prevention Resources for Adult Corrections. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center is the nation’s only federally supported resource center devoted to advancing the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. The center provides technical assistance, training, and materials to increase the knowledge and expertise of suicide prevention practitioners and other professionals serving people at risk for suicide. They also promote collaboration among a variety of organizations that play a role in developing the field of suicide prevention.

This collaboration was evident in the time given by all the staff at Zephyrhills Correctional Institution, from input and answering questions throughout the development of the information sheets, to sharing the Department’s suicide prevention curriculum, reviewing drafts, and coordinating photographs throughout the Mental Health Unit. Warden Trovillion and his staff, as well as Dr. Carolyn Holmes and all of her Mental Health staff to include interns and residents, were instrumental in this publication.

This collaboration is an example of the pride the Officers and practitioners at Zephyrhills Correctional Institution take in ensuring the safety and security of the inmate population in their custody.

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