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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Michael D. Crews, Secretary

Institutions' Success Stories

Region I Calhoun CI Work Squad Renovates County School Board Office

During the period of October through December 2013, Officer Jimmy Marshall and his public inmate work squad from Calhoun CI assisted the Calhoun County School Board with office renovations. Officer Marshall and his inmate work squad were instrumental in creating approximately 800 square feet of additional office space from an open, unused area of the building. The work squad erected new drywall, painted, and installed floor tile.

The renovation took a little over eight weeks to complete, using approximately 1,680 man hours. This project provided Calhoun County tax payers an estimated savings of $13,960. Employees of the School Board continue to express their sincere gratitude for the quality of work performed, and commend Officer Marshall’s professionalism as well as the positive behavior of his inmate work squad. Calhoun Correctional Institution is proud of our community partnerships and enjoys every opportunity to enhance that relationship.

Region IILancaster CI Inmates Excel at Passing the GED

The pending changes in the GED test for 2014 resulted in a sense of urgency to administer the GED to as many qualified inmates as possible prior to the transition. This was demonstrated at Lancaster CI, where the GED test was administered six times during the period of October through December of 2013 to a total of 66 inmates. Two of the inmates were also given the opportunity to test a second time during the period to obtain their GED. Out of these 66 inmates, a total of 61 GEDs were earned, yielding a passing rate of 92.4%. This is a significant accomplishment in itself, and is due to the hard work and dedication of our Education Staff. 

Region IIICharlotte CI Partners with Community to Donate Food to Families in Need

In conjunction with the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition, 160 Thanksgiving meals were provided for less fortunate families in the greater Port Charlotte area, who would not have had a meal otherwise. Of those 160 meals, staff at Charlotte Correctional Institution, in partnership with the Save-a-Lot grocery store, located in Port Charlotte, donated food items totaling 40 meals. As a result of this partnership, 40 additional people received a complete holiday meal consisting of their choice of a turkey or ham, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, canned corn and green beans. Additionally, during the Christmas Holiday week, Charlotte CI staff, in partnership with three county offices and a local law enforcement motorcycle club, donated food items totaling 157 meals for individuals and families in need.

The staff and family members of Charlotte Correctional Institution are dedicated to making their community a better place, by giving back whenever possible. By dedicating their time, money, and love, many families that would not normally have had the means were able to have wholesome and complete holiday meals. Warden Thomas Reid was the driving force in demonstrating to the people of Charlotte County that the Department of Corrections is an integral part of the community and cares for those that are less fortunate. 

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