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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Probation and Restitution Centers, July 1, 1994 - June 30, 1998


Probation and Restitution Center programs normally last less than six months. Between July 1, 1994 and June 30, 1998, 3997 offenders had been released from the PRCs. About 40% of those (1601) had successfully completed a program, 2156 (53.9%) had failed to complete the program, and 240 (6%) were terminated for medical or administrative reasons. Rates of program completion vary from a low of 24.3% to a high of 61.4% (for the new Tallahassee PRC program run by Disc Village) among the 12 facilities.

Across all facilities, 957 (23.9%) had been recommitted to state prison by June 30, 1998. Some 740 (18.5%) had been returned to some form of community supervision, while 2300 (57.5%) had no recommitment. Recommitment rates rise as the time since program termination increases. In the first year, less that 10% of offenders were recommitted to state prison, and only 8.7% to community supervision. After two years or more, those percentages increase to 31.7% for prison and 24.3% for supervision.

Among offenders who successfully complete programs, 71.5% have no recommitment, and 87% have no recommitment to state prison. Even after two years, only 18.9% of those completing programs successfully have been incarcerated, and 58% have had no new commitment to the Department of Corrections.

Successful program completion varies with age, but without a clear pattern. Among those 19 and under, 32.2% successfully completed programs, -- a figure comparable to that for offenders age 30-34 (36.5%) and 35-39 (38%). Successful program completion is higher (42%) for those in the age 20-24 bracket and for those 25-29 and over 40. Age shows a somewhat more consistent relationship with recommitment rates. Among those 19 and under, 36.1% have been recommitted to state prison, compared to 21.6% for offenders age 35-39. The lowest recommitment rates are seen for those age 50-54 (19.5%) and 45-49 (13.3%). These age differences may reflect the fact that some young "boot camp" graduates have been placed in PRCs as a transitional phase, and appear to be making a successful adjustment.

PRCs have served 3971 males and 534 females, 2548 white offenders, 1921 black offenders, and 36 of other ethnic categories. A total of 4505 offenders have been served by these facilities.

The average time to successful program completion is 141 days, and the average time to program failure is 74 days. The variation by facility in average time to program completion is from 117 days to 215 days.

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