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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Budget Entity Category

The upcoming charts detail the following supervision categories, which are based on budget allocations provided by the Legislature. These categories are mutually exclusive and have been ranked in the order listed below:

  • Community Control, including Sex Offender Community Control
  • Sex Offender & Post Prison, including Sex Offender Probation, offenders falling under the Public Safety Information Act (PSIA)* and Sexual Predators; and Post Prison, including Parole, Conditional Release, Control Release, and Provisional Release
  • Drug Offender Probation
  • Pretrial Intervention including Drug Offender Pretrial Intervention
  • Probation, including Felony, Misdemeanor and Administrative Probation, and youthful offenders.

These supervision groupings reflect the allocation of officers necessary to meet the needs of specialized caseloads. For example, the ratio of officer to offenders needs to be lower for specialized caseloads of community control and sex offenders than it does for probation or administrative cases.

However, while these groupings provide an accurate picture of the types of offenders that are on supervision, the numbers in this chart may not match those published in the previous section of this report. For example, Table 9: Budget Entity by Region/Circuit (Active Offenders) lists the number of probationers on supervision as 78,635. The previous section lists this number as 81,124 (probation and administrative probation) which is the correct number of offenders on this type of supervision. However, of the 81,124 probationers, 2,489 are sex offenders. Therefore, in this section, these offenders appear in this category rather than "Probation."

*Includes those designated as current and prior PSIA offenders.

Note: There are 402 post-prison sex offenders listed in the Sex Offender Budget Entity (283 active, 119 active-suspense) and 528 sex offenders in the Community Control Budget Entity (349 active, 179 active-suspense).

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