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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Executive Summary: Prevention Tier 1

Prevention (Tier 1) services are offered on a limited basis and do not meet the requirements for mandatory substance abuse program participation. Prevention services include activities and strategies that would increase awareness and knowledge of the risks of substance abuse, improve life skills, and reinforce responsible behavior. Generally, a substance abuse counselor provides these services in a group setting.

Profiles of Prevention (Tier 1) Program Facilities

Profiles of Prevention (Tier 1) Program Facilities On June 30, 2004
Facility Provider Number of Program Slots
Lowell CI – Boot Camp Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) 15
Hernando CI Harbor House* 25
Total 40
* Program provided through a community-based vendor at no expense to the Department of Corrections


TABLE 1A: Tier 1 Program Enrollment Data, by Fiscal Year
  • During the ten-year period of this report, 17,624 different inmates were enrolled in TIER 1.
  • In comparing program enrollments beginning in FY 2000-01, program enrollments show a significant decrease from previous levels. This decrease reflected the department’s shift in emphasis that began in FY 1999-00 from providing prevention services to providing more intensive substance abuse services.
TABLE 1B: FY 2003-04 (Tier 1) Program Enrollment Data, By Facility
  • In FY 2003-04, 86 different inmates participated in TIER 1 programming.
  • The program at Hernando CI had more than three times the number of new enrollments as the program at Lowell CI.


TABLE 1C: Prevention (Tier 1) Program Outcomes by Fiscal Year of First Enrollment, by Inmate
  • For the ten-year period covered, the total success rate was 89.4%.
  • Annual program success rates ranged lower (86.8% to 92.7%) from FY 1993-94 to FY 1998-99 when more inmates were enrolled. Annual program success rates ranged higher (93.6% to 100.0%) from FY 1999-00 to FY 2003-04 when fewer inmates were enrolled.
TABLE 1D: FY 2002-03 Prevention (Tier 1) Exit Data (Event-Based*), by Facility
  • The overall SUCCESS RATE across the two facilities for FY 2003-04 was 100.0%.
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