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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Department of Corrections
Inmate Labor
Earning and Value Added/Cost Savings Report
Fiscal Year 2003-04

  • Department of Corrections contract with the Department of Transportation (DOT)
Contract for Fiscal Year 2003-04
Value of Work Performed for Fiscal Year 2003-04
Value of Work Performed in Excess of Contract Value
(Work Performed for DOT resulted in a Value Added of $127,145)
  • Department of Corrections Public Works Labor Report Public Work Squads and Interagency Community Service Work Squads
Value Added/Cost Savings to Local Communities, Governmental Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations for Fiscal Year 2003-04 $46,162,698

  • Contracted Work Squads (Hours worked: 572,558)
  • Cost Savings from Inmate Labor in DOT Projects
  • Value Added from Inmate Labor in DOT Projects
  • Total Value Added/Cost Savings

Program Costs

  • Costs to support Master Agreement between the Department of Corrections and Department of Transportation
  • Costs to Department of Corrections to support Public Work Squads
  • Value of Contracts for Work Squads which represents Costs to be paid to the Department of Corrections by agencies Contracting for work squads.
$ 2,354,469
  • Total Program Costs
  • Net Value Added/Cost Savings to the State of Florida

*Exclusive of work performed for DOT, the value of remaining work is determined by multiplying the hourly wage value of $12.10 times the hours worked. The hourly wage value of $12.10 is a benefited hourly wage value. The base hourly wage value is determined from the Florida Occupational Wages 2004 Edition prepared by the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. Added to this base hourly wage value are benefits for social security, retirement, health and basic life insurance.

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