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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Michael D. Crews, Secretary

Vocational Education

Inmate building a brick fireplace.

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Program Duration: Total course length varies with the vocational program. Programs like Architectural Drafting can take up to two (2) years to complete. Most vocational programs are composed of sections that are called Occupational Completion Points (OCPs). Some of these can be as short as 80 to 100 hours.

Program Description: The Department operates 80 vocational education programs that provide training in 33 occupational trades.

Recipients: Inmates housed in the Florida Department of Corrections who have been identified as needing career and technical education training.

Criteria for admission: Youthful offenders who do not have marketable occupational skills. Adults who do not possess marketable occupational skills and who have an expectation of release within 3.5 years.

Institutional: Programs are conducted at 35 correctional facilities.

Partners: AAMCO, Inc., the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, the Corrections Foundation, and the Florida Masonry Association.