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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Michael D. Crews, Secretary

Program Name: Prison Post-Release Substance Abuse Transitional Housing

Program Duration: A participant's length of stay is based on individual need. A program participant will be initially approved by the Department for up to 300 days and may be approved on a case by case basis for an extension and the maximum length of stay is three hundred and sixty-five (365) days.

Program Description: The Substance Abuse Post-Release Transitional Housing program is a voluntary program designed to assist released inmates in need of transitional services by providing drug and substance abuse re-entry and relapse prevention services, transitional housing, employment assistance, independent living plan, personal budgeting skills and other support services. This program will assist recently released inmates in their successful reentry back to their communities and living responsible, independent, law-abiding lives, abstinent from substance use.

Recipients: Recently released inmates in need of transitional services upon release.

Criteria for admission: Any inmate recently released from a Department facility and in need of transitional housing services is eligible to participate in the program. The targeted population for this program will be recently released inmates with histories with substance use/abuse problems.

Institutional: Located in various circuits throughout the state.