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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Michael D. Crews, Secretary

Program Name: In-Prison Residential Therapeutic Community (Licensed by Department of Children and Families and 65D-30)

Program Duration: Nine (9) to twelve (12) months (depending on individualized treatment needs)

Program Description: The program is divided into four (4) phases. Orientation Phase is an assessment phase for learning therapeutic community rules and exposure to therapeutic concepts. Phase 1 addresses denial, identifies maladaptive behavior and thinking patterns, facilitates learning about the addiction cycle and the recovery process and therapeutic concepts.

Phase 2 participants continues to learn about the nature of his own addictive patterns, adopts and practices pro-social attitudes and behaviors, exhibits positive role modeling by assuming responsible roles within the therapeutic community, explore deeply-rooted maladaptive thinking and behaviors patterns and applies concepts.

Phase 3 participants practice applying solutions for maintaining a life abstinent from drug use (relapse prevention) assumes a role of leadership in the therapeutic community and establishes linkages with community providers.

Recipients: Inmates housed in the Florida Department of Corrections who have been mandated for substance abuse participation.

Criteria for admission: Mandated Program Participant; Within 36 months of release date; Priority Ranking Number.

Institutional: The programs are implemented in various institutions throughout the state. Reality House program inmates are housed in a community setting.

Partners: The Unlimited Path of Central Florida, Inc; Community Education Centers, Inc. and Stewart Marchman Behavioral Act, Inc.