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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Michael D. Crews

Florida Department of Corrections
Michael D. Crews, Secretary

Town Hall Meetings a Success!

The Florida Department of Corrections tried something new over the summer. The Department hosted a series of Town Hall Meetings that were held them across the state.

The goal of these meetings, put simply, was to help establish a solid line of communication between the Department of Corrections and all Florida communities to discuss and plan for former inmates re-entering society.

“The majority of inmates will one day be released.  Some former inmates have support systems and loved ones waiting for them when they return to society, but many do not,” said Secretary Ken Tucker.  “When an inmate doesn’t have the ability to successfully obtain employment, education or participate in transitional programs, commission of another crime and victim increases greatly.  Everyone has a role to play in successfully integrating these inmates into our local communities and we are excited that these Town Hall meetings are the first step in developing these partnerships.”

Some of the goals of the Department’s Transition from Prison to Community Initiative are to:

  • Reduce Victimization – Promote public safety by reducing victimization and the threat of harm to persons and their property by released offenders in the communities to which they return.
  • Engage Communities – Increase success rates of offenders who transition from prison by engaging the community, fostering effective risk management and treatment programming, offender accountability, and citizen and victim participation.
  • Enhance Programming – Increase the use of effective programs to reduce recidivism.

“These Town Hall meetings provided an opportunity for us to hear the thoughts and suggestions of citizens on how we can work collectively to return inmates to their communities as better people. As it is, one-third of the men and women who we release return to us within three years. We want to close that revolving door,” adds Secretary Tucker.

Please visit this page to see the projects, updates and information the Department is working on as a result of these meetings.

Strategy / Vision Document NOTE: This is a DRAFT version of this document.

Town Hall Posters

Community Partnerships

To submit your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, concerns, or questions; please email us at Reentryefforts@mail.dc.state.fl.us


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