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Michael Crews
Timothy H.Cannon
Deputy Secretary
(850) 488-7480

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Mr. Timothy H. Cannon has served our great Agency for 24+ years, beginning his career as a Correctional Officer in 1989 at Cross City Correctional Institution.

Mr. Cannon progressed through all security ranks at Cross City, Taylor and Okaloosa Correctional Institutions to the level of Colonel where he served at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution. In 2003, Mr. Cannon was promoted to Assistant Warden at Charlotte Correctional Institution and in 2006 Mr. Cannon was promoted to Warden where he served at Hardee Correctional Institution and Reception Medical Center (RMC).

During Mr. Cannon’s career, he attended professional management training through NIC in Correctional Management Skills, Management Development for the Future (three part, 18 month NIC course), Correctional Leadership Development (NIC course), Basic and Advanced Supervisory Training Course. In 2009, Mr. Cannon was promoted and served as the Director of Institutions for Region I and later Region II. Based on Mr. Cannon’s strong leadership and experience, he was able to take both Region I and II under consolidation and served as the Northern Florida Regional Director of Institutions where he had leadership responsibility for more than 29 state-operated major correctional institutions with eight major annex’s and five private partner facilities.

Mr. Cannon was appointed Assistant Secretary of Institutions in December of 2011 and again promoted to Deputy Secretary in February 2013. He firmly believes our employees are our most valuable resource. Through his servant-leadership and clear direction, we are able to achieve seemingly impossible tasks. As a leader, Mr. Cannon works to be firm, fair, consistent and to model the way for others while promoting a sound and productive correctional environment.

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