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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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June 25, 1999
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Department of Corrections Taking Steps to Comply with Supreme Court Order in Gomez Case

TALLAHASSEE - Secretary of Corrections Michael W. Moore said he was disappointed with today's U.S. Supreme Court action declining to stay the Florida Supreme Court's decision in the case of Gomez vs. Singletary but added the agency will comply with it.

"I am disappointed with the Supreme Court's action in this case but the Department of Corrections will take all steps necessary to comply with the decision," Moore said. "If it were up to us, no prisoners would be released before their sentences are complete. We have no choice but to obey the court's order."

The U.S. Supreme Court's action in the Gomez case requires the Department of Corrections to follow the Florida Supreme Court's decision issued in May, which will result in the early release of:

  • approximately 1,000 inmates from Florida's prisons in stages through Oct. 21; of those, 600 to 700 will be released in the next two weeks;
  • a total of approximately 8,676 inmates over a period of several years

Corrections officials continue to thoroughly review the files and records of each inmate affected by the Gomez case to ensure eligibility for early release. The Department estimates approximately 58 percent of those released under Gomez will have only 30 days deducted from their prison terms. In addition, approximately 70 percent of those released will likely be placed on probation or some kind of post-release supervision. (All above statistics are current as of today; they supersede any previously published statistics).

The Department of Corrections has mailed letters to all victims of Gomez inmates. All sheriffs, state attorneys and chief judges from whose jurisdictions Gomez inmates were sentenced have also been notified by certified mail.

"We have and will continue to do everything possible to inform and protect the public about the possible early return of prison inmates to the communities where they committed their crimes," Moore said.

By next week, the Department will also begin posting the names of those Gomez inmates to be released through Oct. 21 on its website at

6/29/99 Update: The above referenced list is online. Potential Gomez Release List, July 6, 1999 through October 21, 1999, listed by county of conviction.

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