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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

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December 4, 2000
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DOC Posts Fugitive
Information on Website

TALLAHASSEE - The Florida Department of Corrections has added a new public safety feature to its website.

Starting today, DOC will post information about fugitives and absconders on its website at The Absconder/Fugitive Information Search will allow visitors to view a list of fugitives from justice after entering a name or other identifying information.

"This new feature enhances the public safety aspect of our website, which is already the finest correctional website in the nation," said Secretary of Corrections Michael Moore. "This feature provides the public, press and law enforcement with a new tool with which to fight crime."

The feature contains information on offenders whose whereabouts are unknown but who are wanted for violation of their community supervision. They are under DOC community supervision by the courts or the Florida Parole Commission. They are fugitives because they moved from an approved residence without permission and are not making themselves available for supervision.

The website identifiers may include race, sex, age range, eye and hair color, height and weight. Inquiries may also be made by the zip code where the offender last resided and the crime for which the offender was under supervision. Some offender records include photographs. DOC will be adding additional photographs of absconders in the future as they become available.

DOC encourages the public to assist in locating these fugitives. If you have information leading to the apprehension of an absconder or fugitive, you should immediately contact the probation office noted on the offender's record, the DOC inspector general's office at (850) 488-9265 or your local law enforcement agency.

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