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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
September 15, 2000
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DOC Presents
Legislative Budget Requests

TALLAHASSEE- Today, Secretary of Corrections Michael Moore joined other state agencies in unveiling long range program and budget proposals. The proposals are part of the Bush-Brogan Administration priorities to protect the public, staff and inmates.

The Department of Corrections will continue the reorganization begun last year. Using the latest in technology, the department will keep searching for ways to become more efficient. "Plain and simple we have adopted the enterprise philosophy, embraced technology that works, and integrated business management principles in our organization," Secretary Michael Moore said. "We must become well-informed agents of change that deliver ever-improving services to the citizens of Florida."

With public safety as its mission, providing for the front-line security staff will remain the department's top priority. "We will continue to put the taxpayers money on the front line where correctional officers and probation officers work with offenders," Moore said.

Population Increase

Our top budget proposal is the funding for 267 correctional officer positions. These security positions will manage the increased inmate population that the department anticipates will be an average daily increase of 2,678 offenders. The department is requesting funding for contracted programs and health services to meet the anticipated increase in the inmate population.

To meet long range program planning, $43 million is being requested to construct nine new secure housing units that will increase the department's capacity to 81,126 by October 2003.


The Department of Corrections is managing growth in an efficient manner by using a technological and business system approach to corrections. Proposed technological advances include $3.27 million for new fence technology for the secured perimeter at Florida State Prison, Union Correctional Institution and North Florida Reception Center. For security enhancements the department is requesting $7.5 million to improve locks, doors, lighting, renovations and security technology. An additional proposal includes $1.5 million for staff housing at critical locations.

Business-like approach

The Department of Corrections reduced administrative expenditures by 30% and reduced administrative positions by 35% since 1999. This is part of Governor Bush's initiatives to streamline government with total commitment to a business approach. Part of the plan includes competitively bidding food services and investing in a new electronic maintenance system which will streamline the department yet show accountability. Other proposals include eliminating pre-trial intervention programs, sentencing guideline functions, county jail bed contracts and the probation and restitution centers.


Developing and implementing new systems that streamline and improve services is one of the department's top priorities. This request includes $4.5 million for an upgrade to our mainframe technology system. We have dedicated the mainframe as our workhorse with a stronger centralized authority and for the department's expanding use of technology. A capacity upgrade is required to maintain current levels of service and to provide resources for the development and implementation of new systems that support the department's daily operations.


The department's requested budget reduces 1,004 positions and asks for an increase of 267. Asking for a total budget of $1.7 billion with a total number of employees of 26,932. The department's budget proposal includes a 3% increase in dollars, while it anticipates a 5% increase in the offender population.


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