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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
February 17, 2000
For More Information
Contact: Lee Berger, (850) 410-4251
or Marc Bowerman, (850) 410-4247

Video Scripts
Lifers at Sumter Correctional Institution
Reach out to Juvenile Offenders

Lifers' Group VNR
Florida Department of Corrections
Marc Bowerman, Producer, 850-410-4247

Open w/ prison shot, inmates walking, towers...

Locator: Sumter Correctional Institution

VO: Another day, same old same old at many of this country's state prisons. But here in Florida at Sumter Correctional Institution, another day brings hope to a small but influential group of men locked inside. A chance to do something good for a change, maybe have a positive impact on someone's life keeps these guys going.
(sound bite) in at :23 "I see it as a means to help..."
SUPER: Rahim Muhammed Shabazz, Inmate, Lifer's Group

VO: The Capt. J.A. Shultz Memorial Lifer's Group began back in 1992 when 2 inmates approached him and suggested that some of the more productive offenders needed a positive place to truly be change and give back to a society that was ready to give them up for lost. These 2 became 7, and the goal was to create change from the inside out... to take their criminal experiences and show people on the street what the real consequences were. (sound bite) in at 1:07 "We had somewhat of a motto..."
SUPER: Majed Hack, Inmate, Lifer's Group

With a little help from P.R.I.D.E. (Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises), in-house administration and officers, this inmate group, the only one of it's kind in the state, is run like any other community organization and guided by its self-elected board. These men must remain trouble free during their incarceration. Not only do they seek to improve themselves and their fellow offenders, they also hope to change the direction many of our young people are headed. Regular "last chance" tours by various juvenile facilities are offered.
(nat. sound break)
(sound bite) Lifer out...."you find 'em." Out 2:07 (+ :10 second pad)

Sumter C.I. Juvenile tour VNR
Florida Department of Corrections
Marc Bowerman, Producer, 850-410-4247

:03 Locator: Sumter Correctional Institution Shots of juvenile offenders in bus

VO: Another van enters the reception area at Sumter Correctional Institution, near Brooksville, Florida. But this time when it unloads its human cargo, there's something different.

(exit van)

VO: Some of these offenders are not yet old enough to shave, however their crimes echo many of those committed by their adult counterparts behind these prison fences. Today however, thanks to a caring judge's order, these young criminals will be facing what could be their last chance to avoid a final trip to prison. (line up to entry)
(sound bite) in at :36 "When they come in..."
SUPER: Ivan Cabrera, Inmate

VO: While at first glance this prison tour seems like just another "Scared Straight", there's more. Eckerd Youth Academy, a program that provides schooling and rehabilitation to some of the state's most serious juvenile offenders, and Florida's Department of Corrections have a shared desire to help change young lives. The inmates, the officers show and tell these children the reality of prison and what they have to look forward to. (gym scene)

VO: In the end, the effectiveness and success of this program, showing these kids the reality of the game they're playing, depends on the dedication of Sumter's officers and the desire of the inmates to create a positive change.
(sound bite) in at 1:46 "To me, that's kids out there on our streets...."
".....nobody else will." Out 1:52 (+ :10 second pad)
SUPER: Officer Michael Slagle, Sumter Correctional Institution

Anchor tag: Over 60% of those children from these programs stay out of trouble with the law a year after graduation. For more information regarding these juvenile tours, you can contact Eckerd Youth Alternatives in Clearwater or Florida's Department of Corrections.

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