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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
June 5, 2002
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Contact: Public Affairs Office
(850) 488-0420

Governor Bush signs Budget
Providing for Public Safety

TALLAHASSEE - Governor Jeb Bush today signed the 2002-2003 state budget which will allow the Department of Corrections to continue to provide a safe and secure environment for all Floridians. "Under the leadership of Governor Bush, criminals are now serving 83 percent of their sentences, that is up from less than 50 percent in 1994," said Secretary Michael W. Moore. "Also, with the funding for the additional prison beds, it will enable us to make sure inmates are serving the full length of their sentence.

"With this budget we will be able to continue to operate a secure correctional system that is safe for our staff and citizens, as well as supervise offenders in the community at a level of security commensurate with the danger they may present," said Moore.

Among the highlights in the FY 2002-2003 budget is funding to restore substance abuse treatment programs. As a result of the 6 percent increase to the 2001-02 budget, 369 more people will be able to receive substance abuse treatment. Also included was funding for continued construction at Lowell Correctional Institution. This expansion will allow the Department to house 552 additional criminals making Florida's cities and towns safer.

Other highlights of DOC's $1.6 billion budget are:

  • 2.5 percent pay increase for all employees, including correctional officers and correctional probation officers, effective October 2002.

  • $2.6 million for improvements at Lowell Correctional Institution Annex, which will conclude construction 12 months ahead of schedule. The funding also provides for 19 support positions for operation of the annex.

  • $10.3 million for renovations to Santa Rosa Correctional Institution and Charlotte Correctional Institution to meet the unique security requirements of housing close management inmates. These renovations are part of the department's overall plan to consolidate close management inmates from 14 institutions to three.

  • $11.5 million to eliminate the health care services budget deficit.

  • $7.9 million for phase-in of additional prison beds to ensure that Florida has the ability to house those criminals who threaten the safety of Floridians.

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