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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
November 27, 2002
For More Information
Contact: Public Affairs Office
(850) 488-0420

Department of Corrections 2002 Davis Productivity Award Winners

Distinguished Individual Award - $1,000

Donald Berlin, Vocational Teacher
Department of Corrections, Madison

On his own initiative with mostly existing equipment, Don Berlin implemented a boot-refurbishing program at Madison Correctional Institution that produced 8,600 pairs of inmate boots for a cost avoidance of approximately $100,000 versus purchasing new boots. His program can be expanded to refurbish boots from correctional institutions statewide, and with the addition of $1.5 million in additional equipment can increase production to more than 30,000 pairs of boots per year to save $400,000. This expansion would double the number of inmates trained in the program from 20 to 40 without increasing staff.
DOC #8
Dave Stewart, Chief Field Support Services
Contact, Clyde Fellows (850-663-3329)
Gainesville Ceremony

Distinguished Work Unit Awards - $1,500

Inmate Bank Centralization Team
Department of Corrections, Tallahassee

This team centralized the correction system's statewide inmate bank service that eliminated 52 positions for an annual $1.3 million cost avoidance. The team's development of an interface to a mainframe data system enables faster and more efficient processing, with work now being done by 32 staff instead of 84. The project primarily used existing budget and the design, programming and workflow went well beyond the project's original concept.
DOC #12
Rhonda Vause, Chief, Finance and Accounting
Contact, John Agliato (850-410-4734)
52 Team Members
Tallahassee Ceremony

A Davis Productivity Awards Priority
Adopting & Implementing Previous Award-Winning Achievements

Adaptation is a major component of the Davis Productivity Awards program. Cash awards and other recognition are made to individuals, teams and work units that adapt and implement previous achievements.

Governor Bush's Mentoring Initiative
Department of Corrections, Statewide ($600)

Building on efforts by the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Corrections furthered Governor Bush's Mentoring Initiative by developing a procedures document and creating a database to track and record volunteers who mentor young people throughout Florida. The procedures document and database include a system for central application processing and reporting local and regional mentoring contact hours. These tools have prompted and documented an increasing number of Department of Corrections employees being involved in mentoring. The database shows that in 1999-2000 there were 1,034 employees working with 1,235 schools and 757 community organizations contributing 9,461 volunteer hours worth $224,461. In 2000-2001, there were 795 employees volunteering 3,805 hours to the program.

Richard Nimer, the Department's Director of Programs, states: "Mentoring is the 'Proactive Arm' of Corrections. Mentoring may be the most significant variable in determining whether a child will be successful or end up as a record in our Justice and Correctional systems. The urgency and value of early intervention with children in schools and community programs is evidenced by our employees' involvement on their personal time. The community benefits from the "hands-on" services provided and the new perspective they gain of our employees.
DOC #40
Richard Nimer, Assistant Secretary of Program Services
Contact, William Woolley (850-410-4412)
Team Members: Kristen Manalo, Frank Wood, Mac Crockett and Tim Mahler
Tallahassee Ceremony

Notable Individual Awards - $300

Gary Broxton, Vocational Teacher
Jackson County Correctional Institution

Gary Broxton created an enlarged map to aid in capturing suspected fleeing felons and re-capturing escaped inmates from the Jackson County Correctional Institution. His map increases commanders' ability to plan, place and re-position pursuit staff throughout the recapture process. Creating this map saved a reported $16,125 versus contracting it out.
DOC #35
Richard Nimer, Assistant Secretary of Program Services
Contact, Daniel Coulliette (850-569-5260 X-1)
Panama City Ceremony

Notable Team Work Unit/Partnership - $600

Correctional Data Center Network Section
Office of Information Technology
Department of Corrections, Tallahassee

This team designed and implemented architecture that centralized network connectivity from five regional service hubs to one central network hub. Since the majority of corrections work requires access to the Tallahassee Central Office's Offender Based Information System, this effort reduced the number of network circuits and mid-sized communication routers while continuing to provide redundant connectivity and deliver business recovery requirements. The annual network cost reduction is approximately $450,000.
DOC #21
John Douglas, Bureau Chief
Contact, Sherry Griner (850-922-4592)
Team Members: Carver Cooks, Dicky Purvis, Carolyn Allen and Sherry Griner
Tallahassee Ceremony

Exemplary Achievement of State Agencies

Commemorative Plaque Winner

Developed Chaplaincy Volunteer Program
The Department's Chaplaincy Services program recruited 5,750 volunteers whose 176,750 hours of work valued at $2.1 million, helped to reduce inmate disciplinary actions.
DOC - 27
Alex Taylor, Chaplaincy Services Administrator
Contact, Alex Taylor (850-488-3570)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Certificate of Commendation

Automatic Data Transfer of Probation Status Records
First state corrections agency to electronically transfer probation records to national files.
DOC - 3
John Agliato, Chief of Systems Development
Contact, John Agliato (850-410-4734)
2,863 Nominees
Tallahassee Ceremony

Honorable Mention

Community Work Squads
Inmate labor community work squads spent near six million hours providing $27 million net added value.
DOC - 29
Ken Snover, Correctional Programs Administrator
Contact, Ken Snover (850-410-4393)

Commemorative Plaque Winners

Inmate Call-Out System (aka Access Automation)
Kelly N. Pippin, Classification Sr. Officer
Caroline L. Whitehurst, Classification Officer
DOC/Walton Correctional Institution/Classification
DOC - 1
Contact, Caroline Whitehurst (850-892-6141, Ext. 249)
Defuniak Springs
Panama City Ceremony

Locker Fabrication/Renovation Project
Locker Fabrication/Renovation Team
Baker Correctional Institution
DOC - 18
Contact, Steven Singer (386-719-4512)
Gainesville Ceremony

Upload of Vendor Lease Payments
Upload of Vendor Lease, Canteen Salary and Food Service Payments Team
Finance and Accounting
DOC 24, 25, 26
Richard Prudom, Deputy Director of Administration
Contact, Robert J. Kosek (850-922-6546)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Inmate Grading System
Office of Health Services Staff
DOC - 32
Contact, Dr. Bertram D. Hurowitz (850-922-6645)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Inmate Bank Auto-Release Program
Inmate Bank Auto-Release Team
Administration/Finance & Accounting
DOC - 37
Rhonda Vause, Chief, Finance and Accounting
Contact, Jeff Straley (850-410-3612)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Centralization of Inmate Release Gratuity and CashPay Card
Finance & Accounting
DOC - 39
Rhonda Vause, Chief, Finance and Accounting
Contact, Sherry Steadham (850-410-3613)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Certificate of Commendation Winners

Statewide 100% Work Release Fill Rate Goal
Fill the Work Release Centers Super Team
Institutions/Classification & Central Records/Inst
DOC - 2
Fred Roesel, Chief, Bureau of Classification and Central Records
Contact, Charles Manning (850-410-4373
Tallahassee Ceremony

Computer Technology Enhancement Project
Computer Technology Enhancement Project Team
Cross City Correctional Institution-Education Dept
DOC - 7
D.R. Sistrunk, Warden
Contact, Joy Cornell (352-498-5576, Ext. 171)
Cross City
Gainesville Ceremony

Project Right to Sight
Richard E. Hancock, Vocational Teacher
Polk Correctional Institute-Education Dept.
DOC - 15
Don Merritt, Warden
Contact, Richard Hancock (863-984-2273, Ext. 295)
Polk City
Orlando Ceremony

Pharmacy Consolidation
Curtis M. Warren, Director of Pharmacy
Office of Health Services
DOC - 31
Terre Marshall, Deputy Director of Health Services
Contact, Curtis Warren (850-922-6645)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Automation of Inmate Bank Receipt Process
Inmate Bank Receipt Processing Team
Administration/Finance & Accounting/Inmate Bank
DOC - 38
Rhonda Vause, Chief, Bureau of Finance and Accounting
Contact, Jeff Straley (850-410-3612)
Tallahassee Ceremony

Honorable Mention

Reduce Offender Alerts through Officer Re-training
Bureau of Transition Services
DOC - 9
Contact, Murray Brooks (850-410-4342)

Polk Correctional Institution Wheelchair Repair Project
Robert A. Tremblay, Vocational Teacher
Polk Correctional Institution - Education Department
DOC - 14
Don Merritt, Warden
Contact, Robert Tremblay (863-984-2273, Ext. 295)

Providing a Helping Hand
James A. Bowers, Correctional Officer
Region III/Marion Correctional Institution
DOC - 17
Cheryl Phillips, Assistant Warden - Programs
Contact, Gustavo Mazorra (352-401-6855)

Land Utilization and Management System
Contracts' Section/Land Administration
DOC - 22
Contact, Mrs. Hallie Coombs (850-488-2328)

TB Program Case Conference by Video Conference
OHS/TB Program Office
DOC - 28
Contact, Mary Muench (850-922-6645)

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