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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
June 6, 2002
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Florida Department of Corrections wins
SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Award

- Data integration helps state's criminal justice system -

Tallahassee, FL (June 6, 2002) Department of Corrections Secretary Michael Moore said the department is honored to have been recognized this week by the SAS Institute with their 11th Annual Enterprise Intelligence Award for government. SAS, the leader in business intelligence, presented the award to the Florida Department of Corrections for excellence in data warehousing technology. The award was presented at the Fourth Annual SAS Public Sector Government Best Practices Event. The Enterprise Intelligence Award recognizes organizations that best demonstrate the use of SAS software to achieve business goals and maximize return on investment.

Moore said the department designed a SAS warehouse to access, combine and analyze data from other state agencies such as the Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Supreme Court and the Department of Education. This information is used in everything from lawsuits to public record requests to internal department needs. Florida law enforcement agencies rely on the Department of Corrections for ad hoc assistance in narrowing suspect lists for serial crimes. Using SAS to access historical corrections data and analyze it for known criminal patterns and traits, the department can compile reports in a matter of hours and export them to local police and sheriff departments to assist in the search and apprehension of suspects.

The Florida Department of Corrections is responsible for more than 72,000 inmates in 134 prison facilities and more than 150,000 offenders on community supervision through 160 probation and parole offices throughout the state. SAS technology allows the department to maintain and organize mainframe-based data and other data sources in an easily accessible, modifiable and verifiable data warehouse. The data warehouse stores information on every inmate and offender on community supervision in the state, plus death and unemployment records, demographic and educational data and juvenile justice information.

"Other agencies requesting information from us are always astonished at how quickly we can get information to them to help with their investigations," said Bill Bales, director of the Bureau of Research & Data Analysis. "Because of the power of SAS, we can find answers to more complicated requests. Plus we know what's going on with data and analyses, so we have complete confidence in the results," added Bales.

Data sharing and integration efforts at the department have increased efficiency and provided the organization with the means to serve the citizens of Florida in a more responsive and responsible manner. Secretary Moore said, "By investing in SAS, the department is more prepared to make immediate and long-term management decisions. Dr. Bales and his staff have been able to utilize SAS to gather data and present it in a way that shows us how we're doing in all aspects of our agency, from business administration to the day-to-day operation of prison facilities and inmate programs."

About the Enterprise Intelligence Award

SAS presents its Enterprise Intelligence Awards (formerly Enterprise Computing Awards) annually to organizations that have demonstrated productivity gains, cost or time savings, or achievement of organization or business goals through the use of SAS software. Awards are given in two categories: commercial and government applications.

The 2002 awards were presented during the opening session of the SAS Users Group International (SUGI) 27 conference in Orlando, Fla., attended by more than 3,000 SAS customers from around the world.

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