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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

For Immediate Release
January 16, 2003
For More Information
Contact: Public Affairs Office
(850) 488-0420

Secretary Crosby Announces Staff Appointments

Department of Corrections Secretary James Crosby, Jr., today announced the following staff appointments:

  • C. George Denman from Region II Director to Deputy Secretary

  • Jerry Vaughan from Director of Institutions to Assistant Secretary of Institutions

  • Tina Hayes from Director of Community Corrections to Assistant Secretary of Probation and Parole

  • Paula Hoisington currently employed with the Orange County Jail to Director of Classifications and Programs

  • Richard Dugger from Deputy Secretary to Director of Field Support Services

  • Dale Landress from Deputy Director of Institutions to Director of Institutions

  • Greg Drake will remain as Region I Director of Institutions

  • Brad Carter from warden at Florida State Prison to Region II Director of Institutions

  • Dave Pridgen from Deputy Director of Institutions to Region III Director of Institutions

  • Marta Villacorta will remain as Region IV Director of Institutions

  • Tony Proto from Deputy Director of Community Corrections to Director of Community Operations

  • Probation and Parole Regional Directors will remain the same:

    Michael Chambers, Region I Director of Probation and Parole
    Joe Hatem, Region II Director of Probation and Parole
    Joyce Haley, Region III Director of Probation and Parole
    Joe Papy, Region IV Director of Probation and Parole
  • Mike Hanna, Director of Appointments, Bush Brogan 2002 Transition Team to Chief of Staff

  • JoAnne Leznoff, Chief Policy Analyst in the Public Safety Unit in Governor Bush's Office of Policy and Budget to Director of Budget and Management

  • Richard Prudom from Deputy Director of Administration to Deputy Director of Finance and Accounting

  • Alberto L. Dominguez from Legislative Affairs Director to Director of Government and Community Affairs

  • Ralph Kiessig from Director of Workforce Compliance to Director of Human Resources

  • Joe Thompson from warden at Madison Correctional Institution to warden at Florida State Prison

  • Lou Vargas will remain General Counsel

  • David L. Thomas will remain Director of Health Services

In making the announcement, Crosby said he believes authority rightly belongs where the responsibility lies.

"I have tremendous faith and confidence in this professional team to lead the department," Crosby said. "It is my intention, with these appointments, to properly align responsibility with authority."

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