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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary


Memo to:All Employees
From:James V. Crosby, Jr.
Date:April 8, 2004
Subject:National Crime Victims' Rights Week Commemoration

Our agency is tasked with ensuring public safety by keeping those who have done harm locked away from innocent citizens. While our day-to-day focus is on offenders, we recognize that victims play an integral role in the criminal justice system. This is why every year, along with the Governor's Office and thousands of agencies across the nation, the Department recognizes victims' rights by promoting respect and dignity for all victims during National Crime Victims' Rights Week.

This year marks the 24th annual commemoration of National Crime Victims' Rights Week, and the theme is "Victims' Rights: America's Values". Each of you has the potential to have direct contact with crime victims on the job and in your community. Therefore, you should familiarize yourselves with local initiatives to promote victims' rights in your area. During the week of April 18-24, I am asking you to show statewide support of victims' concerns by planning your own events and programs.

Our Victim Assistance Program can provide you with suggestions for fundraisers, community events, and programs. Some ideas for fundraisers include bake sales, auctions, ice cream socials, chili contests, and "jail and bail" programs. I urge you to donate all proceeds during this week to victim memorials, domestic violence shelters, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, child protection teams, and counseling centers

You can represent the Department at community events by having a booth at county fairs and "safety days", and by making presentations to social service organizations. Please plan special programs with your staff to promote awareness including luncheons, inviting victims and advocates to speak, observing a moment of silence in your facility, and training your staff about the effects of crime on the community.

Please display the NCVRW posters from the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime in your facilities. You can obtain free posters and resource guides by calling OVC at 1-800-851-3420. Report your activities to Mark Lazarus at (850) 488-9166 so the Victim Assistance Program may share your ideas with the Governor. Thank you for your support of crime victims' concerns.


Secretary Crosby

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