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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
January 18, 2005
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Bush/Jennings FY 2005-06 Budget Recommendations Supports Department of Corrections Core Mission

The Department of Corrections protects the public by operating a safe, secure, humane and efficient corrections system.

TALLAHASSEE-Governor Jeb Bush's Fiscal Year 2005-2006 budget recommendations for the Department of Corrections continues his commitment to ensure inmates serve 85 percent of their sentences. The Bush/Jennings budget recommends a total increase of $227.6 million for the department.

"This is a fiscally sound budget that addresses both the current needs of the department and future operational expenses," said Department of Corrections Secretary James V. Crosby, Jr. "While enhancing our substance abuse programs and electronic monitoring operations, the budget also plans for future construction needs by establishing a 'building bank' with readily available financial resources for projected prison growth."

The department currently houses more than 83,000 inmates and supervises more than 153,000 offenders in the community. The Fiscal Year 2005-06 recommendations provide funding based on recent population trends and length of time required to complete new facilities. Continued prison construction is critical to maintain bed capacity in light of the most recent Criminal Justice Estimating Conference (CJEC) population projections. The inmate population is anticipated to reach 99,870 by June 2010.

Funding recommendation highlights include:

  • $125.8 million to begin construction of 5,414 prison beds

  • $8.5 million for planning and site acquisition for future incarceration needs

  • $23.2 million and 343 positions to accommodate the increased inmate population

  • $8 million and 112 positions to be held in reserve in the event the inmate population exceeds the Criminal Justice Estimating Conference projections

  • $10.8 million and 404 positions to provide support staff (health, education, and non-housing security staff) for new and expanded institutions opening during Fiscal Year 2005-2006

  • $2 million in funds for in-prison substance abuse treatment for an additional 1,138 inmates

  • $19.1 million for critical facility maintenance and repairs

  • $3 million to provide private vehicle maintenance and insurance allowance for probation officers that use their private vehicles to perform their duties

  • $11 million for information technology upgrades

  • $3 million for additional electronic monitoring of probationers

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