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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
July 5, 2006
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Statement from
Secretary James McDonough

Today, indictments have been handed down by the FBI and FDLE to seven former and three current DOC employees.

We have worked closely with the FDLE and FBI through the myriad phases of this operation to weed out the wrongdoings and those who have committed them. I extend my gratitude to the many employees who were instrumental in these investigations.

With these indictments come a clear signal that justice and fairness will be served to all those under the supervision of this department - cadre, inmates and offenders, alike.

The professionalism and integrity of an organization is not defined by those who break its rules, but by those who uphold them. I am proud to say that the overwhelming majority of state employees in the Department of Corrections held steadfast to their duty despite the rot that had penetrated the agency. Their integrity and strong character has been validated. Their Code of Conduct, their allegiance to the rule of law and their commitment to ensuring the public safety shines a light where others sought to hide their corruption.

While today's actions signal the culmination of a thorough investigation into the corruption that has plagued this agency for far too long, the past several months have given rise to a new day of ethical duty, high morals and a code of tough standards by which we will all live and serve.

Able men and women have ascended to fill the past voids in leadership. They represent the integrity, commitment and sense of duty that the Department of Corrections and the people of Florida deserve.

Many of the Department's employees put themselves in harm's way every day. They all command respect and will be expected to live up to these standards both on the job and off.

I look forward to continuing to serve alongside these men and women in the finest corrections department in the nation to fulfill the oath we have taken to our office and to the constitutions of the State of Florida and the United States of America.

Changes During the McDonough Tenure
(February 10, 2006 - Present)
  • Cancelled and had a contract for inmate prescription drug repackaging re-bid
  • Strengthened the Department's contracting management and procurement processes, ensuring a more appropriate, inclusive and fair system
  • Instituted a Code of Conduct which all employees must take
  • Instituted a Oath of Allegiance which all employees must take
  • Reinstated the Department's Canine Drug Intervention Team
  • Expanded the Department's random drug testing, to also include steroids
  • Hired an independent management review team for a total departmental analysis
  • Instructed the Inspector General's office to cooperate fully with the FDLE, FBI and all law enforcement agencies on investigative matters, and charged them with ensuring fair and impartial investigations are conducted agency-wide
  • Conducted total review of Employee Clubs and instituted strict guidelines as to the appropriate use of funds
  • Revamped assignments of staff housing, ensuring good order, discipline, leadership and the readiness to respond in the event of emergency
  • Implementing aggressive approach to decrease number of absconders in the system
  • Reduced the cost of inmate long distance phone call service to ensure families are treated fairly
  • Fired or forced resignations from dozens of employees who were unable to carry out the Department's mission
  • Instructed staff to competitively procure the existing Keefe contract for canteen services

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