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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

July 3, 2008
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Department of Corrections Announces Promotions and Transfers

The Department would like to congratulate the following on their promotions and transfers. Through hard work and diligence, these leaders have proven to posses the values and integrity our Code of Conduct embodies and demands.


  • Ricky Dixon Assistant Warden (Martin) to Warden (Indian River)
  • Robert Shannon Assistant Warden (Glades) to Warden (Glades)
  • Ronnie Edwards Assistant Warden (Polk) to Warden (Putnam)

  • Eduardo Rivero Colonel (Brevard) to Assistant Warden (Polk)
  • Rodney Tomlinson Colonel (Charlotte) to Assistant Warden (Glades)
  • John Willis Colonel (Martin) to Assistant Warden (Martin)
  • Abel Price Colonel (Homestead) to Assistant Warden (Broward)

  • Reggie Patrick Major (Gulf Annex) to Colonel (Walton)
  • Michael Morgan Major (Washington) to Colonel (Charlotte)

  • Lori Kibler Captain (Okeechobee) to Major (Glades)
  • Michael Moffit Captain (Sumter) to Major (Largo Road Prison)
  • Shirley Johnson Captain (Avon Park) to Major (Avon Park)
  • Jacqueline Solomon Captain (Liberty) to Major (Wakulla Work Camp)
  • Donald Leavins Captain (Santa Rosa) to Major (Holmes)
  • Antonio Hudson Captain (Franklin) to Major (Century)
  • Ronnie Terry Correctional Services Consultant (Central Office) to Major (Tallahassee Road Prison)
  • James Coker Correctional Services Consultant (Central Office) to Major (Washington)

  • Javier Rivera Senior Classification Officer (Everglades) to Classification Supervisor (Dade)
  • Raynard Owens Senior Classification Officer (Tomoka) to Classification Supervisor (Polk)
  • Pam Grice Senior Classification Officer (Gulf) to Classification Supervisor (Franklin)
  • Daniel Crawford Correctional Services Consultant (Region II Office) to Classification Supervisor (Florida State Prison - O Unit)
  • Tina Roberts Classification Supervisor (Polk) to Correctional Services Administrator (Central Florida Reception Center)


  • John Palmer Warden (Liberty) to Warden (Apalachee)
  • Sam Culpepper Warden (Apalachee) to Warden (Washington)
  • Chris Douglas Warden (Glades) to Warden (Liberty)
  • James Witt Warden (Mayo) to Warden (Suwannee)
  • Martha Humphries Warden (Reception and Medical Center) to Warden (Mayo)
  • Timothy Cannon Warden (Hardee) to Warden (Reception and Medical Center)
  • William Churchwell Warden (Putnam) to Warden (Dade)
  • David Harris Warden (Dade) to Warden (South Florida Reception Center)
  • Jon Tate Warden (South Florida Reception Center) to Warden (Hardee)
  • Michele Bateman Warden (Hillsborough) to Warden (Brevard)
  • Roderick James Warden (Brevard) to Warden (Demilley Work Camp)

  • Robert Conner Colonel (Hardee) to Colonel (Martin)

  • Donald Jones Major (Gainesville) to Major (New River)
  • William Seay Major (Avon Park) to Major (Gainesville)
  • Phillip Johnson Major (Wakulla Work Camp) to Major (Wakulla Annex)
  • Timothy Copeland Major (Century) to Major (Gulf Forestry Camp)

  • Terri Gillian Classification Supervisor (Franklin) to Classification Supervisor (Wakulla Annex)

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