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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
March 26, 2008
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DC Staff Win 16 Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards

More than 40 Department of Corrections' (DC) employees won 16 individual or team Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards in 2008, including a $500 cash award to Lowell Correctional Institution’s Tuberculosis Deployment Team, who combined forces to put a quick stop to the spread of TB in their facility, saving $332,791 and possibly some lives. These awards are given to recognize and reward state employees whose work increases productivity, promotes innovation and saves money for Florida taxpayers and businesses.

Lowell CI Staff
Pictured is some of the Lowell staff who were members of the award-winning team. (Left to Right): Lowell C.I. Lt. Michael Quimby, Angela Rizzo, SRN, Sgt. Jacalyn Mike, Lowell C.I. Warden Brian Riedl.

Lowell CI Staff
Back Row Left to Right: Jimmy Keller (DOH), Kathy McLaughlin (DOH), Jim Cobb (DOH), Raymond Trainor (DOC), Walt Edwards(DOC). Front Row Left to Right: John Agliato (DOC), Mary Hackney (DOC), Carlos Echeverri (DOC), Toni Johns (DOC), Sevim Ahmedov (DOH), Joy Cross-Smith (DOH), Laura Bedard (DOC).

This 34-member statewide team combined the resources of the DC and the Department of Health to identify an undiagnosed inmate with highly contagious tuberculosis.  This germ was very virulent; its transmission rate was fast and growing in one-third the normal time in the laboratory.  Working almost around the clock for three weeks, the team screened 2,729 inmates and prison employees.  The team developed an interagency electronic data sharing method, eliminating the need for searching paper medical records and saving approximately 500 person-hours for a cost savings of $5,000. They ultimately found one undiagnosed case and prevented further tuberculosis spread, for a total cost avoidance of $332,791.

Team members include the following from the Department of Corrections: Mary Hackney, Clinical Quality Management Program Supv, Office of Health Services (OHS); Lt. Michael Quimby, Lowell CI Security Operations; Carlos Echeverri, Office of Information Technology (OIT); RN Angela Rizzo; former Dept. Sect. Laura Bedard; Lowell C.I. Warden Brian Riedl; Frank Wood, OIT; Sgt. Ronald Gillard; RN  Toni Johns; Raymond Trainor, OIT, RN Dianne Herman; Walt Edwards, OIT; RN Arlene Fox (posthumously); Sgt. Jacalyn Mike; Assistant Data Center Director John Agliato, and Dr. Patrick Brown. Team members from the Department of Health and county health departments included: Dr. Nathan Grossman, Cynthia Turner, Millie Canganelli, Kathy McLaughlin, Johnnie Lloyd, Joy Cross-Smith, RN Lisa Miles, RN Jill Braxton, RN Sally Hattaway, Dr. Joanne Julien, Dr. David Ashkin, Tracey Sapp, Jim Cobb, Yvonne Luster-Harvey, Jimmy Keller, DHSc, RN Angie Moses, Sevim Ahmedov, MPA and Dr. Michael Lauzardo.

“Prisons are a perfect breeding ground for this airborne disease, and this was a particularly virulent strain of TB,” said OHS’s Mary Hackney, who helped oversee the project. “This was a great example of how state government should work when you have this kind of interagency cooperation.”

In addition to the TB Team winners, DC employee Richard Hewett won a PRIDE Eagle Award for increasing work capabilities by utilizing community donations, and Director of Department Initiatives Tina Hayes and Chief Information Officer Gene Hatcher won “Exemplary Achievement of State Agency” awards for the Restoration of Civil Rights Initiative, along with Shari Britton, Amy Wigglesworth, Robert (Neal) Fitch, David Ensley, Rusty McLaughlin, Lee Adams, Raymond Trainor, Walt Edwards, Carlos Echeverri, Lori Nolting, Thomas Britton, Marien Dimacali, Todd Gregory, Frank Wood, John Agliato, and Marianne Jenkins.
Other winners include the following, who won plaques for their efforts:

  • Stephen Fox, who developed a computer tracking system for Faith and Character institutions;
  • Richard (Keith) Hancock, Kris Dougherty and  Cathy Leggett, who developed a random interview question application;
  • Richard (Keith) Hancock  and  Marie Bailey, who created a system to restructure People First data;

Certificate of Commendation winners include:

  • Meg Dobbins and Dj Chen, who reduced mainframe software fees with subcapacity pricing;
  • Frank Allen, who developed a new file system and created a new database for Land Administration;
  • Region I Support Services’ Chris Urquhart, Rebecca Pettis and Brenda Potter, who developed new term order forms;
  • Vicky Feldman, Kris Dougherty, Jenny Nimer and Shari Britton, who improved Operational Review quality and efficiency;
  • Richard (Keith) Hancock, Marie Bailey and Kris Dougherty, for designing employee drug test sampling and auditing system;
  • Research’s Vicky Feldman, Marie Bailey, Rhonda Sherman, and Sherry Zhu, who improved timeliness and efficiency in creating research datasets;
  • Region II Medical Executive Director Dr. J. Scott Thayer, who streamlined physician coverage in the ER at RMC from contract to OPS services.
  • Information Technology's Brett Ross, Public Affairs’ Paula Bryant and Research's Vicky Feldman, who improved accessibility and efficiency of annual report production;
  • Asst. Sect. for Community Corrections Bruce Grant, Dept. Asst. Sect. for Community Corrections Jenny Nimer, Chief of P&P Field Services Shari Britton, Legislative Affairs' Tommy Maggitas and Alex Kelly; Office of Information Technology’s Marianne Jenkins and Christy Trevino; P&P Field Services' Amy Datz and Amy Wigglesworth, and Office of the General Counsel's Rhesa Rudolph for rapid implementation of Anti-Murder Act Eligibility/Designation; and
  • Matthew Dunagan and Dennis Taylor, for developing a week-long training session for newly promoted probation office supervisors.

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