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Desoto Annex

13617 S.E. Highway 70
Arcadia, Florida
(863) 494-3727
(863) 494-3727
(863) 993-7800


General Email
Desoto Annex


Southbound: South of Tampa on I-75, turn right on Highway 70 at Exit 217. (Northbound traffic should take Exit 217A.) Take Highway 70 to Arcadia. Continue on Highway 70 past Arcadia for approximately 12 miles. Desoto Annex is located on the right.

Please Note: GPS systems and mapping sites such as Mapquest, Bing Maps, or Google Maps often provide incorrect directions to our prison facilities using the physical address. Please use the above directions when traveling to this prison or click the map to the right of this page.
General Information
Capacity 1,453
Population Gender Male
Adult or Youthful Adult

Academic Programs

  • Adult Basic Education
  • General Educational Development (GED)
  • Special Education Services
  • Title I Services
  • Mandatory Literacy

Vocational Programs

  • Welding Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry Brick and Block

Substance Abuse Programs

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

Chaplaincy Services

  • Active T.D. Jakes Satellite
  • Chapel Library Program
  • Kairos Week-ends
  • Prison Fellowship Quarterly
  • Religious Education
  • Worship Services
  • Anger Management/Domestic Violence (Spanish)
  • Anger and Communication
  • Armed Forces Veterans Meeting
  • Audio/Visual/Library Program
  • Biblical Hermeneutics Study Class
  • Buddhist Services
  • Catholic Bible Study
  • Catholic Worship Services (Hispanic/English)
  • Chaplains Sunday Morning Service
  • Commitment to Change
  • Computer Training
  • Domestic Violence
  • Ecclesiastical Latin
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew
  • Elementary Koine Greek
  • Family Reconciliation Therapy
  • Heart Land of Florida Bible Study
  • Hebrew Israelite Study
  • Hispanic Non-Denominational Bible Study
  • Inductive Bible Study
  • Jehovah Witness (Hispanic/English)
  • Jehovah Witness Bible Study (Hispanic/English)
  • Journaling
  • Jumah Prayer (Muslim)
  • Kairos Reunion
  • Long Distance Dads
  • Mentoring
  • Odinist Service
  • Riverside Ministries (Hispanic)
  • Self-Awareness Group
  • Seventh Day Adventist Services
  • Sex Addiction/Pornography counseling
  • Shabbat (Jewish Services)
  • Silas Ministries (Calvary Chapel St. Pete Florida)
  • Spanish Calvary (Centro Cristiano El Calvario)
  • SYDA Yoga
  • Taleem Studies (Muslim)
  • Toast Masters International (Gavel Club)
  • Transformation Group Study Class (Biblical World Views)
  • TUMI “The Urban Ministries Institute Seminary Program”
  • Victim Awareness
  • Westminster Confession of Faith Class
  • Wiccan Service
  • Winning Side Bible Study
  • 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Institutional Betterment Programs

  • Active and Passive Sports
  • D.I.R.E.C.T.
  • Fresh Start Smoking Cessation
  • Law Library Program
  • Library Program
  • Volunteer Literacy
  • Voluntary Literacy English Language Learners
  • Weight Training
  • Wellness Education

Re-Entry Programs

  • 100-hour Transition Program
  • Career Scope Assessment
  • Florida Ready to Work
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Re-Entry Dormitory
  • Florida CHOICES Career Planner
  • Career Resource Program
  • Financial Freedom
  • Self-Study Re-Entry Program
  • Re-Entry Seminar